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REIKI is a hands on healing technique, very efficient, pleasant, non-intrusive, which we can apply to ourselves or to help others. Reiki uses the spiritual energy to treat physical pains without the necessity of pressing, massaging or manipulating. However, Reiki is more than a physical therapy. It is a holistic system to regain the balance, to restore and harmonize all the dimensions physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and can be used to encourage the self-consciousness and the spiritual evolution. Reiki is energy, the word itself meaning Spiritual Energy or Universal Life Energy. Reiki technique is used to access and apply the higher vibration Universal or Love Energy for activating, restoring and balancing natural, whole energy from within; for helping, supporting, maintaining positive wellness, transformation and enlightenment. Reiki is applied by hands on the body, mostly in the areas of the energy centers called Chakras. There are seven important charkas on the body, each one with a certain vibration associated to a color, acting on specific parts or systems of the body and manifesting in some aspects of life, existence.

Blissful Day Spa

Crown Chakra is #7, situated just a bit above the head, with violet, purple and/or white color and acting on the nervous system, pineal gland, mind and whole body. It manifests in enlightenment, spirituality, knowledge, understanding, self-consciousness, wholeness, unity, fulfillment, mysticisms, Universal Consciousness. It means I know.

Third Eye Chakra is #6, right in the center of the forehead, with indigo color and acting on the pituitary gland, endocrine system, brain, eyes, face, head; manifesting in clairvoyance, intuition, imagination, vision, spiritual and individual consciousness and meaning I see.

Throat Chakra is #5, located in neck area, blue colored and acting on thyroid, parathyroid, metabolism, ears, nose, mouse, teeth, larynx, neck. Manifesting in communication, creativity, self-expressing, plenitude, sound, vibration and means I speak.

Heart Chakra is #4, situated in the center of the chest (stern), green colored and acting on thymus, respiration, circulation, immune system, heart, lungs, upper back, arms and hands. It manifests thru unconditional love, balance, compassion, unity, kindness, dedication, no boundaries, infinity and means I love.

Solar Plexus Chakra is #3, located on solar plexus and presenting a yellow color. Acting on pancreas, digestive system, liver, spleen, small intestine, gall bladder, medium back and manifesting in personal power, independence, will power, control, decision, goal power, self-determination, self-respect, energy, intellect, destiny. It says I can.

Sacral Chakra is #2, located on the abdomen / umbilical area, orange colored and acting on reproductive system, testicles / ovaries, uterus, sexuality, lower digestive organs, kidneys, urinary tract, lower back. It manifests in emotions, relations, intimacy, sensations, pleasure, imagination, appetite, movement and unconsciousness and means I feel.

Root or Base Chakra is #1, located at the base of spine and red colored. Its acting on skeleton, skin, blood, large intestine, pelvis, adrenals, legs, feet, excretion system and manifests in survivability, certainty, trust, anchorage, physical body, money, home, profession, feeling of belonging, nature, biology, ground and means I am. 

Blissful Day Spa

Reiki acts to heal, harmonize and balance the whole being and being guided by a higher vibration brings only the absolute good to the person whos receiving it, there is absolutely no harm or negativity whatsoever brought to it. The healing potential thru Reiki is unlimited, as a consequence, anything can be treated, it only needs the cooperation of the patient.
Energy healing is the future of medicine, as it is truly wholistic, whereas most other healing modalities work only on the physical. 

Blissful Day Spa

REIKI courses for all levels (1, 2, 3, master) taking place monthly.

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One session$65
Series of 5 sessions ($55 each)(pre-paid) $275
Chakra balancing (using special chakra stones)$65
Series of 5 sessions ($55 each)(pre-paid) $275
Bioenergy purification treatment$70
Series of 5 sessions ($60 each)(pre-paid) $300
Taxes are included in the price.
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