Blissful  Day  Spa

            for ladies and gentlemen

BODY WRAPS (Detoxifying Herbs)

Based on absorption into the body, no shower is required.
Notice how smooth and silky you`ll feel.
Body Wraps - 1 hour $50
Series of 6  - $45 each

We recommend 2 sessions per week.
For weight loss, we recommend at least 12 sessions.

Aloe body wash

The aloe enzymes slough away dead surface cells while retaining and restoring moisture. Daily use will deep clean and open pores eliminating clogged pore bumps.The body can then secrete toxins and natural oils to keep the skin and body healthy.

The aloe-herb solution

The aloe-herb solution of highly active concentrates will tone and tighten surface skin.The penetrating herbs will boost cellular activity in deeper layers to restore elasticity and firmnes to skin tissues.

Blissful Day Spa

Natural aromas relax the body while molecular osmosis for positive therapeutic effects.
Most clients sleep while the wrapping encurages elimination of toxin through lymphatic cleansing. Each treatment cleanses toxins from the fat cells to result in a size loss wherever the fat is.

Blissful Day Spa

No chemical or dehydrating salts or clays are in the solution. The treatment is safe for anyone. No compresion is used during application and the client does not perspire.
After the treatment, no bath is needed. The skin is soft and clean and the client is refreshed and inches smaller. Many times (an inch off the waist, an inch off stomach, half-inch off the thighs) this loss is substantial and can be felt due to a loose clothing fit.
Drinking 3-4 liters of water during the 24 hours after the treatment will flush the toxins from the lymph system to assure that the lost size will stay off.
For continued size loss, drink 3-4 liters of water on the 2nd and 3rd day, then have another treatment on the 4th day. 

WAXING (Hair Removal) 

Professional Eyebrows Shape$15
Eyebrows Cleaning$10
Chin or Lips$10
Face Sides$10
Full Arms$30
Half Arms$25
Under Arms$20
Bikini Line$20 & up
Half Legs - Lower$30
Half Legs - Upper$35
Full Legs$60
Full Legs & Bikini$67
Chest$25 & up
Stomach$20 & up
Brazilian Wax$45 & up
Fingers & Toes$10
Full Body Wax$230
Taxes are included in the price.
Free consultation before every treatment.

Deluxe Gift Certificates

Ideal for any occasion

Deluxe Gift Certificates are available for various dollar amounts.
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